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Paintings Roda Fuerte, S.L. is a young company in its sector but also traces its origins to the year 1941, since in that year D. Crescencio Saiz Saiz, father of current managers, recorded "RODA FUERTE" as a trademark for products from its plant located in La Roda, Albacete province, and includes those products, the 'Temple prepared.

Mr. Saiz taught his business office and transmitted to their children who, after many years of experience and thanks to new technologies and their great desire of increasing the production of 'White Spain' and also to begin milling other minerals such as calcium carbonate, dolomite, marmolita etc. minerals used in paint manufacture..

Subsequently, after a thorough review of the manufacturing sector paint, and being a major producer of raw material in the manufacturing process is decided in late 1996 the creation of 'Fortress SL Roda Paintings' returning to the business parked by his father.

Thus in 1997 began in La Roda (Albacete) the business of 'Paintings Roda S. Strong. L' with an industrial warehouse and storage of over 3,000 m2 and a production system with fully automated machinery edge technologies in manufacturing plastic paint to water.

After four years on the market and with the clear aim of improving customer satisfaction, "Paintings Roda Strong, SL" obtained in June 2001 the Company Registration Certificate AENOR, ensuring quality assurance in all areas of business.

In April 2002 Don Clemencia Lopez Sainz takes solo, though supported by his family and a team of young entrepreneurs such as your child finds the Clemency Saiz Vinuesa, company management, from which time there is a revival of getting the same strong growth in production volumes and market shares.

In "Paintings Roda Fuerte, S.L." still working and researching on new products and adapt to meet the needs of our customers, and is why we have developed new products and reliable alternative to the medium that respects the environment, launching a new range of products for the high decoration, all the while maintaining basic principles of our company and our work quality, service and stability of our products.


Here you can see the latest and most innovative paint products of our company. Paintings Rodafuerte


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